Friday, August 19, 2005

Mensonge gauchiste

Cindy Sheehan est une gauchiste qui ment, et le WSWS corrobore ses mensonges:
The notorious gossip monger and political provocateur Matt Drudge has reported on his Internet site that Cindy Sheehan had said her son died to defend Israel.
Such smears are repackaged, with a somewhat more objective tone, by the “moderate” TV networks and “liberal” press. The Washington Post, for example, has taken to publishing reports on Sheehan that balance news of her growing support with echoes of the right-wing complaint that she has a political agenda and is working with various political and anti-war groups.
On Tuesday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed Sheehan and confronted her with her alleged statement on Israel. She denied ever having made it.
Il suffit d'aller ici pour constater qu'elle a bien écrit que son fils est mort en Iraq pour défendre Israel, une argumentation à coloration typiquement antisémite gauchiste.


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